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John Leahy welcomes you to “The Field of Corn”

Firstly, my thanks go to Monsignor Peter for allowing me to display some of my interests, in the shape of cartoons and tall tales, on this website. I chose to call my part of the website, “The Field of Corn”, for obvious reasons. It contains an abundant harvest of humour, or not, depending on your taste, and rich and fertile soil for more ... or, as Father Leo chided me on being presented with one of my cartoon/ cards, "Ha! A card for every occasion !"


Some of my short stories and cartoons are based on real events, and words or expressions used by people who should have known better. Many people have already approached me with money, trying to persuade me NOT to go online, just as some have done in the hope that l will not send them any more cartoon/cards for special occasions or when they are ill.

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