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Most people find it hard to pray at least some of the time. We are lucky, these days, that there are lots of ideas and suggestions floating around on the web, or in books or courses, and there are places not very far away where we can go and talk to people and learn more about praying.


In this section of our web site we hope to include prayers to learn for yourselves or for your children, or prayers to pass on to friends who may be ill or feeling a bit lost or even sad or depressed. There will also be prayers for when we want to thank God or for when we feel really happy and just want to express that.


But praying is not only about saying or even singing prayers. Much praying is wordless, and that is where people in our frantically busy age can begin to feel inadequate. So there will also be hints on how to meditate and suggestions about contemplative prayer.


There are also websites where you can find out lots more about prayer.


Why not start by visiting the site of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales? You can go to the menu on the left hand side of the home page, to the section called "Prayer and Spirituality", or by following this link:


Sacred Space is a site run by the Irish Jesuits. They offer you 10 minutes of prayer each day in front of your computer, if you can drag yourself away from e-mail or Facebook or whatever else eats up your time.... Go to:


If you have an mp3 player you can even "Pray as you go" - have a look at:


The "Praying each day" site, run by the De La Salle brothers in Great Britain, will take you to a huge number of other linked sites:


You see, it is not hard to find material.


Good hunting and please remember to pray for everyone at Saint Joseph's parish.

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