SYNOD 2020

The Church is listening…..


To see the steps to the Synod in 2021, and the significant role parishioners have to play in shaping the Church in Liverpool, click here


There is an excellent website giving lots of information about the aims of the Synod and the journey to Oct 2020. Please visit

Please do find the time to watch – and talk about – the inspirational talk given by Fr. Eamon Mulcahy,


Which way for the Church? Have your say.


Between now and Dec 5th, you will have the opportunity to say how you think the Church should change in a number of key areas. The role of the Synod members is to discern the views of the parishioners in deciding which of the 20 proposals and 8 Statements to submit to the Synod Office.


We would like to hear from as many people as possible on all of the areas, but you can select the survey that are of particular interest to you.


Simply click on the link to go to the survey. When you have answered the questions, click 'submit'. All submissions are anonymous, (we don't even know your email address), but we do need to know your parish. There is also the option to leave your contact details if you wish to know the results of the survey or to be contacted with Synod news - we will not contact you for any other reason.


Survey 1: Which way for the Church? Faith Formation in which you are asked to consider how the church in Liverpool can best provide adult faith formation for all stages of life so that all parishioners continue to mature and develop their understanding of the Faith, making them more confident to share in the life and the mission of the church.

Click on the link to complete the survey


Survey 2: Which way for the Church? Engaging with young adults, children and schools in which you are asked to consider: How can the Church, its parishes and its schools, be places of welcome and meaningful engagement with faith for children and young adults?

Click on the link to complete the survey:


Survey 3: Which way for the Church? The role of lay people and clergy in which you are asked to consider the way decisions are made and the way the life of the Church is governed at local and at Diocesan level, so that all of God's people are able to play their part in the life and mission of the Church.

Click on the link to complete the survey:


Survey 4: Liturgy and Prayer: How can we continue to offer a variety of services to allow for the different ways of celebrating Mass and the sacraments? How can best ensure that people can continue to deepen their prayer life and have ongoing spiritual formation?

Click on the link to complete the survey:

Survey 5: The Church in the Community: How can the parish become more recognised in the community as a place where the weak, the vulnerable and the marginalised are welcomed and their needs are met?

Click on the link to complete the survey:


Survey 6: Building Community: How can the local church develop as a community that is aware of and responds to the various social and spiritual needs of its members?

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Survey 7: Parish and Pastoral Area Reorganisation: How can the Church in Liverpool organise its parishes and Pastoral Areas, including its finances, to best fulfil the needs of its members and fulfil its Mission to evangelise in the community?

Click on the link to complete the survey:


We would like to hear from all parishioners, including those who are not regularly connected with the church. Please forward the links to the parish website / synod page.



If you have any questions about the Synod, please contact the Synod members: MaryT Branton (, Danny McKillop (, Martin Bennett (


We are Roman Catholic Churches in Crosby and Blundellsands,  near Liverpool. 


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