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Synod:   the long and winding road...



The Church in the Archdiocese of Liverpool has been speaking


People asked to suggest topics to be included in the Synod based on their life’s experiences and what they see as the role of the Church in the world:    


27,000 from people with different views about what ‘being Catholic’ means; from people who are excited about the Synod and people who think ‘We’ve been here before’; from people who want big changes and people who worry about losing our traditions


4 themes: dealing with how we can each recognise and respond to God’s call in our lives, grow in faith and play our part in a missionary church that witnesses to God’s love and concern for all                       


120 proposals, 45 affirmations were developed and presented to parishioners for prayerful reflection and discussion via emails, letters and digital means.


19 Recommendations that will shape the Pastoral Plan

This plan matters. It will shape how we, the Church, (ordained and laity, hierarchy and pew) will become the Church we are called to be.

The Synod Office has provided a very detailed report showing how they arrived at the Recommendations. If anyone thinks ‘Why isn’t this issue covered?’ or ‘Why is this so important?’ please find the report here  or contact Martin Bennett (07931 902 346 / for more details).

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